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How To Achieve Financial Health in the New Year [2021]

The new year is upon us, which means many people are thinking about how they can act healthier in the next 12 months, including financial health. Whether you want to spend less money in 2021 or you want to earn more or invest better, we can help you make smart decisions about how to handle your money so that you can get the most out of it. No matter what your income is, there are ways to spend and save strategically so that you can better afford your life and plan for the future. Here are a few tips...

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Is The October Effect Real or a Myth? (Or Both?)

October is a month where people like to be frightened–setting up decorations, planning pranks, and getting ready for the spookiest day of the year, Halloween. It seems like wherever you turn in October, scary is the name of the game, and the finance world is not spared. In finance, the month of October is approached with wariness due to something known as the October Effect. The October Effect is a phenomenon that purports that stock market crashes have mostly happened during this month, and therefore, it is a risky month in which to make investments. Is this actually true,...

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4 Easy Ways to Save Money In the Fall Season

Back to school season can be expensive, between purchasing new school supplies, clothing, books, and paying tuition if your child is in private school or university. All those costs may get many families thinking about how they can start saving money in other areas of their lives so that they can afford it all comfortably. A good money management and budgeting plan can help you stay financially on track. While everyone’s spending habits and needs are different, there are certain places to save money in the fall season specifically that are relevant to many. 1. Energy Bill: Enjoy the...

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Top 5 Things to Consider When Planning For Retirement

As schools cautiously open and some people start to go back to work, others who were only a few years away from retirement have decided to retire early in order to continue social distancing. With several unplanned retirements suddenly becoming reality, it’s important to make sure you have considered several elements of planning for retirement before you take the plunge. 1. Save Money Wherever You Can One of the best financial strategies to planning for retirement is to start saving young. As soon as you get your first job in your career field, you should be putting money away...

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How to Get Through Unemployment During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has tremendously affected many industries in negative ways, including putting many employees out of work. If you have lost your job during the pandemic, you are not alone. You may never have been in this situation before and are unsure as to how to proceed so that you can survive financially until the job market recovers. Unemployment can be frightening, but speaking to a financial planner during this crucial time can help you stay on track to manage your finances when times are tough so you can stay afloat. Here we present to you some tips...

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